Copyrights at originated as an online resource to share midi files that had been prepared mostly for hymn part writing. Not surprisingly, visitors soon wanted the hymn texts available online, too.

The midi (.mid) and text (.txt) files on this site were all prepared by CARadke from public domain sources. As mentioned in our FAQ page, you are welcome to download and use those files as you choose.

All other files on, including Featured Hymns, "Thoughts" pages, and other resources may be used in personal, group, or congregational worship of Christ, and for study and rehearsal, but not for any commercial purpose except with express written permission from CARadke.

Copyrights in third party resources (e.g., BibleGateway and The Consultation on Common Texts) or contributions from other individuals (thank you, Linda Morgan Clark) belong to those persons.

We pray that will be a valuable resource for your personal growth and ministry.

God bless you--