HymnSite.com's Suggested Hymns for Proper 16 [21] Year B

August 24, 1997
14th Sunday After Pentecost

Proper 16 [21] Year B (Sunday between Aug. 21-Aug. 27 Inclusive)
Scripture Theme Hymns
I Kings 8: (1,6,10-11), 22-30, 41-43
Psalm 84
Joshua 24:1-2a, 14-18
Promises of God

Worship of the True God

God's Dwelling Place

103 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
374 Standing on the Promises
328 Surely the Presence of the Lord
73 O, Worship the King
105 God of Many Names
Note Featured Hymn
85 We Believe in One True God
Additional Suggestions
Psalm 34:15-22 God's Care of the Righteous

God's Steadfast Love

Psalter p. 770 response 1
337 Only Trust Him
419 I Am Thine, O Lord
136 The Lord's My Shepard
Additional Suggestions
John 6:56-59 Abiding in Christ

Life in Christ

347 Spirit Song
451 Be Thou My Vision
714 I Know Whom I Have Believed
398 Jesus Calls Us
469 Jesus Is All the World to Me
462 Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus
Additional Suggestions
Ephesians 6:10-20 The Armor of God

Spiritual Warfare

514 Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
513 Soldiers of Christ Arise
511 Am I a Soldier of the Cross
580 Lead On, O King Eternal
422 Jesus Thine All Victorious Love
111 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Additional Suggestions

Featured Hymn
85 We Believe in One True God

Text: J. G. Werner's Choralbuch

Featuring this hymn is an opportunity to call attention to several important aspects of the history of Methodist Hymnody, all revolving around the fact that this text was originally in German, written during the mid-1600's.

The Protestant Reformation in Germany resulted in a revitalized and vibrant popular hymnody in the vernacular -- German. It was this usage in the German Church of the language of the people coupled with familiar tunes, rather than Latin and Gregorian Chant, that re-introduced congregational singing to Christendom. However, in England and Scotland other political concerns prevailed, resulting in only the biblical Psalms being sung. Thus for over 200 years German hymnody was prolific while English and Scottish hymnody lost its creativity and appeal to the common folk. English/Anglican hymn singing, in particular, had died out by the time of John Wesley.

Wesley, however, discovered the German Church treasure of hymnody during his brief exposure to the Moravians, and recognized its potential for revitalizing Anglican hymn singing. He was the first to translate some of the German texts, publishing them in 1737 while in Georgia -- the first hymnal ever used in an Anglican Church!

It is the devout Anglican, Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878), however, to whom the largest debt is owed for making this German abundance available to the 19th Century, English-speaking Church. Her prolific work is of the finest quality, revealing her own deeply rooted piety. Fourteen translated texts are attributed to her in the 1989 UM Hymnal -- more than any other translator.

"We Believe in One True God" is a metrical version of the Apostles' Creed from German hymnody, translated by Winkworth. It first appeared in the Methodist Episcopal hymnal of 1878. It did not reappear, however until the 1964 hymnal with its emphasis on incorporating a wider variety of ethnic resources. The current text follows the translation used in the Lutheran Hymnal.

RATISBON's genesis can be traced to it's German beginnings as well. It first appeared in 1668. It is well suited to the background and content of the text. However, if it is an unfamiliar tune, consider alternate tunes DIX (92), or TOPLADY (361).

Since using this hymn provides a liturgical alternative to the oft recited creeds, Diane Sanchez's recommendations (The Hymns of the United Methodist Hymnal, Abingdon, 1989) are useful: read it in unison or responsively before singing.

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Additional Suggestions for Old Testament Lesson

See also Index listings: "Assurance" p.934; "Dedication of a Building" p.938. Also Hymns 361-381 (Assurance); 102-124 (God's Nature)

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Additional Suggestions for Psalter Reading

Psalm 84 (804) is particularly appropriate for theme of "God's Dwelling Place". See also Index listings "Providence" p.950; "Mercy" p.954; also Hymns 126-143 (Providence)

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Additional Suggestions for Gospel Lesson

See index listing "Christian Experience" p.936; also Hymns 337-350 (Invitation); 382-394 (Christian Experience)

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Additional Suggestions for Epistle Lesson

See also Index listings: "Zeal" p.954; "Triumph" p.953, also Hymns 714-735(Triumph)

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