HymnSite.com's Suggested Hymns for the 20th Sunday After Pentecost

October 5, 1997
20th Sunday After Pentecost

Unifying Themes and Hymns:
Does God Care about Me and My Circumstances?
139 Praise to The Lord, The Almighty

The Inherent Worth of Humans and Their Relationships
111 How Can We Name a Love
Proper 22[27] (Sunday between Oct. 2 & 8 Inclusive)
Scripture Theme Hymns
Job 7:1;

Genesis 2:18-24
God's Willingness to Risk;
"When Bad Things Happen to Good People"

Living in Relationships;
Created for Each Other

467 Trust and Obey
143 On Eagles Wings (write me for words and music of stanzas)
512 Stand By Me
133 Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Featured Hymn
130 God Will Take Care of You
561 Jesus, United By Thy Grace
646 Canticle of Love (response 2)
549 Where Charity and Love Prevail
642 As Man and Woman We are Made
560 Help Us Accept Each Other
Additional Suggestions
Psalm 26

Psalm 8

God Honored Integrity;
Steadfast in Righteousness
Human Responsibility in Creation
Human Dignity
464 I Will Trust in The Lord
498 My Prayer Rises to Heaven
Psalter 743, response 2
148 Many and Great, O God
Additional Suggestions
Mark 10:2-16 Marriage, Divorce and Children;
The Example of a Little Child
557 Blest Be the Tie That Binds
643 When Love is Found
446 Our Parent, by Whose Name
278 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
277 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
Additional Suggestions
Hebrews 1:1-4;
Jesus' Exaltation;
Jesus' Humanity and Divinity
189 Fairest Lord Jesus
246 Joy to the World
168 At the Name of Jesus
327 Crown Him With Many Crowns
318 Christ is Alive
626 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Additional Suggestions

Featured Hymn
130 God Will Take Care of You

Text: Civilla Martin

Seems only fitting, that on a Sunday when two of the Lections specifically extoll the virtues of marriage, the featured hymn should be written by a husband and wife.

Civilla Durfee Martin (1866-1948) taught school for several years and studied music briefly before marrying Walter Stillman Martin (1862-1935). She was the classic "preacher's wife," described as her husband's "helpmate" in his ministry. They were in evangelistic work together for many years, and according to Baptist Hymn lore, she "was a loyal and devoted wife, and was of great assistance to her husband in his work as teacher, evangelist and pastor." She apparently used her considerable music talents in what in modern times would be acknowledged as their joint evangelistic work.

Walter Martin was educated at Harvard, ordained a Baptist minister, later becoming a Disciples of Christ clergyman. In 1916 he was a professor of Bible at Atlantic Christian College in North Carolina. They moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1919 where they lived until their deaths.

Throughout their married life they traveled all over the nation holding Bible conferences and evangelistic meetings. They collaborated on the writing of a number of gospel songs.

"God Will Take Care of You," was written in 1904 when Civilla was ill and confined to bed in Lestershire, New York, where they were staying at a Bible School while Walter created a songbook for the president of the school, who was also an evangelist. She wrote the poem one Sunday afternoon while Walter was gone on a preaching assignment. When he returned she gave him the text and he immediately sat down at their Bilhorn organ and wrote the music. That very evening he and two others sang the completed song, and then it was included in the songbook Walter was compiling for the school. This songbook, Songs of Redemption and Praise, was published in 1905 by the founder of the Bible School, John A. Davis.

The tune was first called, GOD CARES. It now carries the name MARTIN, a fitting tribute to their work together.

While long a staple in evangelistic churches, revival meetings, and gospel songbooks, the song was not included in a Methodist Hymnal until 1964. It's return in the 1989 edition bears witness to it's effectiveness in giving comfort to many who have borne the heavy burdens of illness, grief and hardship.

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Contributed by Rev. Linda K. Morgan-Clark

Additional Suggestions for Old Testament Lections

Job: See Index listing, "Trust" p.953; "Afliction and Tribulation" p.934; see also Hymns 509-536 (Strength in Tribulation)
Genesis: See Index listing, "Church: Community" p.938; see also Hymns 545-566 (United in Christ)

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Additional Suggestions for Psalm Readings

Psalm 26: See Index listing, "Integrity" p.944
Psalm 8: See Index listing, "Creation" p.940; see also Hymns 144-152 (Creation)

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Additional Suggestions for Gospel Lesson

See Index listing, "Love" p.947, "Weddings" p.953, "Children" p.936; see also Hymns 642-647 (Weddings)

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Additional Suggestions for Epistle Lesson

See Index listing, "Jesus Christ: Incarnation / Lordship" p.945; see also Hymns 153-194 (In Praise of Christ), Hymns 302-327 (Resurrection and Exaltation)

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