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Father, We Praise Thee

The United Methodist Hymnal Number 680
Text: Attr. to Gregory the Great, 540-604; trans. by Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936
Music: Paris Antiphoner, 1681; harm. by David Evans, 1927
Tune: CHRISTE SANCTORUM, Meter: 11 11 11.5

1. Father, we praise thee, now the night is over;
active and watchful, stand we all before thee;
singing, we offer prayer and meditation;
thus we adore thee.

2. Monarch of all things, fit us for thy mansions;
banish our weakness, health and wholeness sending;
bring us to heaven, with thy saints united;
joy without ending.

3. All-holy Father, Son, and equal Spirit,
Trinity blessed, send us thy salvation;
thine is the glory, gleaming and resounding
through all creation.

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