Thoughts by CARadke on
Devotions for the Man in the Mirror
by Patrick Morley

12. Values: Making a Comeback

I am sorry for my lapse on Thursday and Friday last week. I can go into great detail on the reasons for it, but I am really excited about the devotion for today. It is so appropriate to my lapse. Morley talks to us today about values and making a comeback.

The Bible is filled with the stories of compelling comebacks. Morley talks about Jonah. I like to think about Paul, the impassioned servant of God caught up in a life of destruction on the wrong path. He lost his vision--both literally and figuratively--on that path of destruction. That vision was replaced with a vision of truth and love. Christ is the truth; God is love. What a great basis for a comeback!

The bad part about comebacks is, well, you are having to come "back." It implies that you were in a better place, went the wrong way, and have a row (or two or three or ...) to hoe just to make it back to the "break even" point. You have placed yourself at a disadvantage.

The good thing about comebacks is that they are possible. In sports, comebacks are exciting. In business, comebacks spell success. In life, comebacks are roads to reconciliation. In devotions, comebacks are a reminder that even when I have a lapse, God is still waiting. My Lord didn't appreciate my distractions. He won't appreciate my excuses. But He will cheer for my comeback. He will welcome me with open arms. He will say, "Yes, this is the path I have for you my child." What a wonderful devotion!

Dear Lord, thank you for being there for me day after day. I am so feeble and faltering. You are so strong and reliable. May I strive to be a faithful servant for you one day at a time. Starting today. Again. Amen.

Grace and peace--

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