Thoughts by CARadke on
Devotions for the Man in the Mirror
by Patrick Morley

I led a men's summer Bible study at a church that I attended for several years. I am now living many miles away and can't be there with them on Tuesday evenings. They have done something else absolutely wonderful in recent years, though. They have called on the Lord to bring them together in His name to do His work in His world. They have been gathering in the morning weekly for breakfast, Bible study, singing, prayer, and fellowship. It is a 21st-century Methodist society of men. In a culture where United Methodist Men's groups are struggling, these men have found that the Spirit of the Lord is so new and so fresh and so exciting that they don't need to struggle. They need to live in the strength of the Spirit, and the Spirit has blessed them. They call their meetings "The Rock." If you live anywhere close to the west side of Houston, Texas, you have GOT to check this out! Check the calendar at the Bear Creek United Methodist Church website to find the time, or call the church office at 281-463-2330 for more information.

The Rock began with a study of The Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley. After they completed that study, they handed out free copies of Devotions for the Man in the Mirror to every man at church on Father's Day. I'm going through the devotions and sharing my own thoughts by e-mail. I'm posting my messages in this directory, too. If you want to receive the e-mails, just let me know at the e-mail address below. If you prefer to browse my thoughts, follow the links in the table below.

God bless you--

Thoughts by CARadke on
Devotions for the Man in the Mirror
by Patrick Morley


Part One:
The God We Want versus The God Who Is

1. The Kingdom: Temporal Kingdoms
2. Jesus: A Case of Mistaken Identity
3. Revival: The Gospel of Addition
4. Worship: Our Attitude Toward God

Part Two:
The Escape from Cultural Christianity

5. Prosperity: A Gift of God
6. Money: The Treasure Chest
7. Discipline: The Shakable Kingdom
8. Materialism: Divided Interests
9. Surrender: A Recovering Materialist
10. Failure: A Six-Point Formula
11. Resurrender: The Way Back
12. Values: Making a Comeback
13. Dependency: The Safety of the Unmet Need
14. The Fear of the Lord: Love Wisdom and Hate Evil

Part Three:
Our Relationship with Christ

15. Jesus: Commitment to a Person Versus a Set of Values
16. Christ: Is There Another?
17. Born Again: The Dramatic Conversion
18: Eternal Life: The Undone Thing
19. Assurance: Assurance of Salvation

Part Four:
The World of My Motives

20. Ambition: Fifteen Minutes at the Top
21. Approval: Man-Pleasers and God-Pleasers
22. Devotion: Fully Devoted to God

Part Five:
The Art of Surrender

23. Surrender: The Process of Surrender
24. Impulsiveness: Good Ideas versus God Ideas
25. Significance: About Being Busy
26. Trustability: Remember What Is in You
27. Servanthood: In Search of Excellence
28. Expectations: Surrendering to Scripture
29. The Holy Spirit: How to Strengthen a Willing Spirit

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