Thoughts by CARadke on
Devotions for the Man in the Mirror
by Patrick Morley

18: Eternal Life: The Undone Thing

In today's devotion, Morley talks about the "undone things" or stumbling blocks that separate us from God. I really enjoyed the paradox when he observed that the stumbling block for the rich man may be his riches; for the poor man, his poverty. What a poignant comment on our need to give up things that separate us from Christ; a startling example of our need to surrender everything--both distractions and obstacles--to God so that we can follow Christ and be in a more perfect relationship with Him. Failure to surrender leaves an undone thing. It blocks our way to eternal life.

I was traveling in Oklahoma the past two days to attend Marie's funeral. Marie was my step-mother. She lived a full life. Marie had been married to Tom for forty-five years when she first became a widow. I was blessed to meet her a few years later when she married my father, Leo. They were together 12 years before Leo passed away. That was almost six years ago. At the grave side, my step-brother commented that Marie might be blushing for the first time at her reunion in heaven with Tom and Leo. I know it was a joyful reunion. Although I never knew Tom, I have known his wife and his son. They know how to smile! I also know the love and joy that Marie brought into my father's life. What a glorious thing to have that much happiness brought together again in heaven with Christ!

I have been blessed in my life by many people who surrendered themselves to Christ. They are people who lived lives that truly glorified God. They left nothing undone in their commitment to following Him. They are an inspiration and a source of joy to me. Of course I cannot help having feelings of grief upon losing them in this life. At the same, time I cannot help finding comfort and even joy in seeing and knowing that a life of faithful devotion to Christ brings meaning and purpose that transcends all challenges and all grief. I know that a life of surrender is a life of victory. I know it because I have seen it.

Dear Lord, thank you for leaving nothing undone. Thank you for the witness of your servants who have surrendered themselves to you so that we can see and know that a life of surrender is a life of victory. I surrender to you now. All is yours. Nothing is mine. I seek only to follow you. No distractions. No obstacles. Just you. Amen.

Grace and peace--

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