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Week 3: Gifts of Service


The gift to be able to serve as an intermediary in providing God's healing power to heal another person's physical or emotional need.
Acts 3:1-10; Acts 5:12-16; Acts 9:32-35; Acts 28:7-10; 1 Corinthians 12:9, 28


The gift to be able to support others in ways that increase their effectiveness in the use of their spiritual gifts.
Mark 15:40-41; Luke 8:2-3; Acts 9:36; Romans 16:1-2; 1 Corinthians 12:28


The gift to be able to provide an environment that welcomes, cares for, and nurtures people.
Acts 16:14-15; Romans 12:9-13; Romans 16:23; Hebrews 13:1-2; 1 Peter 4:9


The gift to be able to ease or remove suffering and fill the needs of others.
Matthew 20:29-34; Matthew 25:34-40; Mark 9:41; Luke 10:33-35; Acts 11:28-30; Acts 16:33-34; Romans 12:8


The gift to be able to serve as an intermediary of God's power to accomplish things that cannot be done without God's power.
Acts 9:36-42; Acts 19:11-20; Acts 20:7-12; Romans 15:18-19; 1 Corinthians 12:10, 28; 2 Corinthians 12:12

Prayer or Intercession

The gift to be able to pray continuously and earnestly and effectively, in groups or in private, for the needs of the Church and others.
Luke 22:41-44; Acts 12:12; Colossians 1:9-12; Colossians 4:12-13; James 5:14-16; 1 Timothy 2:1-2


The gift to be able to provide the necessary assistance to perform work to the edification of the Church.
Acts 6:1-7; Romans 12:7; Galatians 6:2,10; 2 Timothy 1:16-18; 1 Peter 4:10-11; Titus 3:14

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