HymnSite.com's Suggested Hymns for Proper 17 [22] Year B

August 31, 1997
15th Sunday After Pentecost

Proper 17 [22] Year B (Sunday between Aug. 28- Sept. 3 Inclusive)
Unifying Themes and Hymns:
God's Dealings with the Human Heart
 Featured Hymn
417 O For a Heart to Praise My God

From the Prison of Evil to the Embrace of Love
421 Make Me A Captive Lord
Scripture Theme Hymns
Song of Solomon 2:8-13
Deut. 4:1-2,6-9

The Renewing Power of Love, New Life

The Law of Life, The Integrity of God's Law

480 O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
292 What Wondrous Love is This
646 Canticle of Love
408 The Gift of Love

601 Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet
599 Break Thou the Bread of Life

Additional Suggestions

Psalm 45:1-2,6-9

Psalm 15

God's Blessing of the Just,
God's Favor

The Righteous,
God-like Living

247 O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright

103 Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

441 What Does the Lord Require

Psalter p.747

454 Open My Eyes that I May See
467 Trust and Obey
395 Take Time to be Holy

Additional Suggestions

Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23 The Evil Heart,
410 I Want a Principle Within

468 Dear Jesus, In Whose Life I See

401 Lord I Want to be a Christian

399 Take My Life and Let it Be

Additional Suggestions

James 1:17-27 Pure Religion,
The Power of the Word,

Doing the Word

358 Dear Lord and Father

595 Whether the Word be Preached or Read (sing to #60)

463 Lord Speak to Me

Additional Suggestions

Featured Hymn
417 O For a Heart to Praise My God

Text: Charles Wesley

This text of Charles Wesley's was first published in 1742. It was based on the Anglican prayer book's version of Psalm 51:1-10. It fully expresses Methodism's understanding of Christian Perfection -- a perfection in love.

John Wesley spoke of "inward holiness" (love of God and the assurance of God's love for humanity) and "outward holiness" (love of neighbor and acts of kindness). It is this oft-misunderstood doctrine that this hymn explains. So it bears careful consideration both for it's value as a hymn in the liturgy and as a exegetical resource if the preacher of these Lections isn't too squeamish about preaching a doctrinal sermon.

Originally the text was in eight stanzas. It remained in that form in every Methodist hymnal up to 1849, when the Methodist Episcopal hymnal dropped vs. 5,6, and 7. The hymn in 5 stanzas has been included in every Methodist hymnal since.

Still as important as the text is to Methodist hymnody and theology, it suffers from the lack of a suitable and singable tune. In the 1939 hymnal, BELMONT, while singable, dulled the vitality of the words. In 1964, IRISH restored the liveliness to the text. But apparently this tune did little to encourage its singing as well, because the 1989 hymnal set it to yet another tune: RICHMOND. Perhaps this tune will be successful in restoring this historic and doctrinally significant Wesleyan hymn to Methodist congregational singing.

RICHMOND, by Thomas Haweis (1733-1820) has also been known as HAWEIS or SPA FIELDS CHAPEL. The composer was ordained in 1757 as an Anglican priest. However he was attracted to Methodism and entered into chaplain work in London and Northamptonshire. A champion of interdenominational missions, he helped found the London Missionary Society.

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Additional Suggestions for Old Testament Lesson

See also Index listings: "Love" p.947. Also Hymns 382-394 (Rebirth and New Creature) [Song...]. (The Book of the Church (594-603) [Deut.]

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Additional Suggestions for Psalter Reading

Consider substituting "Canticle of Covenant Faithfulness, #125 for Psalm 45. See also also Hymns 395-424 (Personal Holiness); 415-450 (Social Concerns) [Ps. 15]

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Additional Suggestions for Gospel Lesson

See index listing "Integrity" p.944; also Hymns 395-424 (Personal Holiness)

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Additional Suggestions for Epistle Lesson

See also Index listings: "Discipleship and Service" p.940; also Hymns 415-450 (Social Concerns)

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