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About HymnSite.com

When you are looking for a hymn site on the internet, you already know the name: HymnSite.com! (Don't let the .com fool you--it stands for "Christian Online Music").

Established in 1997 as an online ministry by CARadke, HymnSite.com has provided hymns and lectionary resources to millions of visitors. "We serve Him by serving hymns."

HymnSite.com is a one-person operation. It began in 1996 as an experiment in posting a website. It first appeared as a memorial site to my childhood pet, Bandit the Boston Terrier. Some midi files were added to a page called "Bandit's Methodist Hymns", which proved to be far more popular than expected. In 1997, HymnSite.com was adopted and registered as a name with a better relationship to church music. Bandit's site is gone. Have no fear, though. If you loved Bandit the Boston Terrier, he still has his own directory. Please feel free to visit The Bandit Memorial Page, where you can learn more than you wanted to (and certainly more than you will ever need to!) about Bandit the Boston Terrier.

Donations are not requested or accepted to support this site. I have personally paid all charges for equipment, software, online access, domain registration, and site hosting. In December 2000 at the request of several visitors, HymnSite.com began selling HymnDiskCDs through the HymnStore. The site is also supported by revenues from advertising and affiliate programs. You are more than welcome to use this site whether or not you purchase or click anything. Materials that are free today will remain free as long as I can keep this site online. At this time, plans are to use the proceeds to upgrade equipment used to post this site and prepare CDs, acquire additional software to produce more resources such as .pdf files with music scores, and generally support music ministry online and offline.

Permission is granted for non-commercial use of hymn texts, midis, slide decks, videos and audios posted at HymnSite.com and on HymnSite's YouTube channel solely for purposes of Christian worship and spreading the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.

May God be glorified today and every day through word and song and deed, and I hope and pray that this site will be part of that glorious journey for you.

God bless you--

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