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Record MIDI Files to .wav File Format

As CD burners (CD drives that can record music and data onto compact disks) become more common on basic computer systems, more people are asking how to record MIDI files on audio CDs so they can be played through stereo and PA systems. The simple answer is--you can't! MIDI files are not in an audio format that an audio device can understand. There is a better answer, though. If you are able to play MIDI files on your computer, then you are also able to create a digital audio file in .wav format. The .wav file can be burned onto an audio CD, and the CD should work just fine on any standard audio CD player. Just follow the directions that came with your CD software.

But, you ask, how can a MIDI file be recorded in .wav format? I'm glad you asked. If you are using a computer that plays MIDI files and has a Microsoft Windows operating system, then you already have what you need. I have never been big on telling people to go spend their money on software. Give your money to the church instead. Take a tax deduction and support a ministry.

OK. Here we go.

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